Friday, October 8, 2010

Possessions- What Do You Really Need?

     For this experiment, our willing volunteer Samantha took all of her clothing and electronics out of her room and take a photograph of all of these in one location. Needless to say, Sam had ALOT of clothes. After she took this first picture, she sorted through all her clothes an electronics and set aside the things that are absolutely necessary to her life, and put away everything else. She then took a photo of these things. As you can see, there is an astonishing difference between the amount of things she owns and the amount of things she actually uses. This lab show us how material our society really is. We are obsessed with buying new and "cool" things even though we don't need them. If we didn't spend so much time trying to make an income to buy more useless "stuff" and just spent money on the things we really NEED we would have more time to focus on building friendship and Social Capitalism in America.


  1. "...we would have more time to focus on building friendship and Social Capitalism in America." I think you mean Social Capital? lol Anyways. Cool experiment. I have so much stuff that I don't need. It's funny how most Americans have excesses of junk, yet are always wanting more.

  2. I think this was a great experiment because it shows that we don't need all that junk that we own, theres only a few things we really need. a phone might not be one of them...

  3. I wanted your analysis to go a little deeper, a little further in the first two labs. I wanted to see more and to hear more of your ideas of the impact of money, materialism, the internet (Facebook) on your social capital, on your lives, on your friendships. Still, you did a fairly admirable job on the first two labs.

    Your video on trust was wonderful. You took a very creative and original approach to measuring social capital on campus and I really liked the results you captured in your film. Good work group! Onward and upward!