Friday, October 8, 2010

Trust at UNCSA

     For this project, we "accidentally" dropped a dollar bill on the ground, and video taped peoples actions following this. Most people didn't notice, but for the few who did notice, more than half gave the dollar bill back to us. The rest picked up the bill and walked away, with no attempt to return it to the person who dropped it. This was an interesting experiment, because it showed us how honest people really are.
      In the second part of this experiment, we had Myra trip and drop her books on the ground. We discretely video taped while people either helped her pick up her scattered papers, or skirted around her. Overall, we found that students at UNCSA were very helpful to Myra.


  1. I actually was not surprised with the results.

  2. This was an awesome experiment! I thought the video was hilarious! I am glad to know most students can be trusted :)

  3. I really like this video and the experiment! nice way to twist it so it's unique!
    maura shawn

  4. haha i love the video it really portrays the trust here at UNCSA, its pretty good amount.

  5. oh man this is sad!
    but when some people do help out it is so amazing. It makes me happy with humanity.
    It reminds me of the set-up child abduction videos.